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Dutchess Strawberries and cream

Naturally sweet strawberry slices with drops of creamy vanilla yogurt.

Featuring all the same flavour, colour and nutritional content of our fresh Dutchess Strawberries in a crunchy, satisfying new package. Only 100 calories per 24g pouch!

Available in 24g pouch (equal to 16 fresh strawberries!)

Freeze-Dried Strawberries__Greenhouse Grown.png

Greenhouse Grown

Soy Free_edited.png

Soy free

Nothing Artificial_edited.png

Nothing artificial

Gluten Free_edited.png

Gluten free

How to enjoy:

On a hike   |   On the couch   |   On a plane   |   At the mall   |   At the office   |   In the car

and beyond!

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