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We are a family-owned, industry-leading greenhouse.

We're redefining Albertan agriculture by offering quality, ripe-picked produce year-round — even in the winter.

Alberta Grown
Sunterra Greenhouse interior

Our greenhouse is a self-contained ecosystem.

Inside our glass walls you’ll find a biological community made up of fruit-bearing plants, pollinating bees and nutrient-rich soil with essential micro-organisms.


Our friendly team of growers maintain a specialized microclimate within this ecosystem, ensuring optimal light, humidity, temperature and irrigation for the plants to thrive.

We’re helping to build a sustainable food system in Alberta.

With our greenhouse's precise indoor growing environment, our tomatoes and strawberries aren't affected by barriers like pests or unpredictable weather. Alberta’s food security can often be limited by these factors, which is why we're proud to reliably provide access to fresh, local produce in the winter months — far beyond Alberta's typical growing season. Our greenhouse also produces a yield per square metre much greater than field grown produce. The plants can be placed much closer together and in trays of varying heights, making the most efficient use of vertical space.


acres planted
(so far!)


increased strawberry yield due to hoist system


days of abundant sunlight in Alberta 


full-time employees

Reducing our eco-footprint has shaped who we are and how we grow.

We ensure sustainable and efficient use of our natural resources through our industry-leading lighting, energy and water systems.


Our plants are grown primarily with natural heat and light, taking advantage of Alberta’s brilliant sunshine. We also use supplemental lighting (energy efficient LED and high-pressure sodium) to augment natural sunlight and maximize exposure. This means we’re able to grow all year long with a yield per square meter much greater than what you’d find in a traditional farm setting (known as field growing).

co2 cloud

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we’re dedicated to powering our greenhouse with as much clean energy as possible. The CO2 created from our natural gas fuel is pumped back into the greenhouse to boost production rather than simply being released into the atmosphere.

recycled water

The only water that leaves our greenhouse is inside our juicy produce. All excess water used in our greenhouse is recycled. Whatever is left after hydrating the plants is UV treated and cycled back through to be used again. Condensation that forms inside the building, as well as rain and snow that falls on our roof, is collected and used as part of our water supply. As a result, our greenhouse uses 90% less water than a traditional farm setting.

Sunterra Greenhouse Tomatoes on the Vine
We believe in_1 Line.png

Our produce is hand-picked when fully ripened on the plant.

Allowing the plants to grow to their full ripeness ensures the best flavour and most favourable texture is achieved for each and every fruit. With a priority on quality over quantity, our strawberry and tomato varieties are more fresh and nutrient rich than most you’ll find in North America.


lbs of tomatoes produced each month


lbs of strawberries produced each month

Delivered fresh
person picking Sunterra Greenhouse strawberries

Our produce is delivered fresh — direct from our plants to your plate.

Tomatoes and strawberries arrive on Sunterra Market shelves within 24 hours of being hand-picked; no sitting in a warehouse or enduring long travel times like imported fruit you’d typically find in North America. This means clear traceability, minimal supply chain disruptions and a product that’s immediately ready to enjoy. You can also find us at many local farmers’ markets and grocers a short drive from our greenhouse.

Hear even more about the greenhouse from Sunterra Group President Ray Price

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