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Sunterra has over 50 years of rich history in Alberta agriculture.

As a family run company with operations across Alberta, the Sunterra Family is a true farm to fork story.

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Acme, Alberta

The seeds of Sunterra took root on a small family farm in

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we are...



and so much more.

We are a fully integrated food company with production, processing and retail operations. This means the Sunterra family not only includes everyone at Sunterra Greenhouse, but our folks at Sunterra Farms, Sunterra Meats, Soleterra d'Italia and Sunterra Market as well.



The foundation of many Sunterra products begins right here with the production of pork, tomatoes and strawberries.

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est. 1970

Founded by the Price family of Alberta, Sunterra Farms uses superior hogs and industry-leading practices to produce pork of unmatched quality.

est. 2020

Here at Sunterra Greenhouse, we harness Alberta’s ideal sunlight conditions to produce fresh, ripe-picked produce all year long.


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Next comes processing, where Sunterra Farms pork is crafted into an assortment of delicious products and prepared for distributing.

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est. 1990

Located in Trochu, Alberta, Sunterra Meats processes Sunterra Farms' pork for Soleterra d’Italia, Sunterra Market and international customers.

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est. 2016

Using authentic Italian family recipes from the Simonini family of Italy, Soleterra d’Italia processes pork from Sunterra Meats to create salamis, hams and dry-cured meats.



Finally, the products head to Sunterra Market locations across the province for customers to take home and enjoy.

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est. 1990

With retail locations across Alberta, Sunterra Market showcases Sunterra Greenhouse produce, Sunterra Farms pork and Soleterra d’Italia salami, ham and dry-cured meat on their grocery shelves, in their market-made products and in their chef-prepared meals.




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If you're interested in joining the Sunterra family, pop over to our careers page or visit one of the Sunterra Group websites to browse open positions.

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