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ripe-picked produce

grown year-round in Alberta 

Strawberry and Tomato
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At Sunterra, our passion has always been delivering food of the utmost freshness and quality. With over 50 years of rich history in farming, we believe that great things can be achieved using the power of the sun and the earth – so much so that we made it our name. Our roots in Alberta and knowledge of its ideal sunlight conditions lead us to the clear next step in our agricultural journey, and after 10 years of careful research and planning, Sunterra Greenhouse was born.  

Our glass greenhouse facility contains a strictly controlled microclimate that is consistently monitored by our team. This growing environment ensures the plants have optimum humidity, temperature and irrigation for peak growth, even throughout the cold Alberta winters. With these precise growing conditions, we’re able to reliably produce fresh food 365 days a year and provide food security often made difficult in harsher seasons. Though the greenhouse may appear clinical and high-tech from the outside, its success ultimately comes down to the care and dedication of the people who work hard to keep it running. But the process doesn’t stop there – growing is only the first step! 

Our strawberries and tomatoes are hand-picked when fully ripened on the plant and delivered fresh from the vine. Allowing the plants to grow to their full ripeness ensures the best flavour and most favourable texture is achieved for each and every fruit. With a priority on quality over quantity, our produce varieties are far different from most you’ll find in North America. We're so proud of the quality of our produce and can't wait to share it with the community that has helped us grow. 

Stay tuned for updates! We can't wait for you to taste the fruits of our labour.

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Introducing the crown jewel of strawberries!

Ruby red and splendidly sweet, our Dutchess strawberries are hand-picked when fully ripened on the plant and delivered within 24 hours to market shelves, fresh from the vine.



Enjoy three different varieties of tomatoes, each hand-picked when ripe for a firm and crisp exterior with a sweet and complex flavour you’ll love.

Big and beefy. A slicing and dicing heavyweight.

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Matured and refined on the vine. A wise pick.

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Bite-sized and bursting with flavour. Not to be underestimated.

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255044 Highway 575, Acme, Alberta

directly east of Soleterra d'Italia


We can be reached by mail at:
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T: (403) 546-3818 


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